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Several years ago, while still at our original Lomax Street location, we produced this presentation in-house to send to potential accounts. Longtime employee Brian Wanta, a multi-media specialist in his former life, jumped at the opportunity to create a promotional slide show once again when we were considering possibilities for new marketing avenues, only this time it would be digital. Back in the old days slides were shot; reel-to-reel tapes were recorded, dubbed, edited and spliced; banks of slide projectors were employed using analog controllers tied to projectors and sound systems -- all to make a stimulating and dynamic presentation. In our opinion there still is nothing as effective as the impact of rich photographic images projected in a slide show in a dark room -- oh, for the good old days. Today, with digital technology, the tools are different, but the process is the same. The timing, the photography, shot selection, narration, editing of music are all just as important as they were in the past, and we think Brian still has the touch.

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