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Film & Video Transfer Services


Relive your family history and simplify your archiving. We’ll transfer your VHS footage and family films onto a DVD, USB drive, Blu-Ray disc or send the files to you by WeTransfer so you can watch them on today’s technology - no VCR required.


Fun ways to share and preserve this footage:

  • Give a copy as a gift! Once digitized, copies of your movies can be made easily for family and friends.
  • Bring the digitized movies to Thanksgiving dinner and you’ll have hours of entertainment the whole family can enjoy!
  • Save space by storing the film reels, but say goodbye to those boxes of old tapes for good.
  • Reminisce with your siblings over those infamous family road trips.
  • Host a movie night and get major laughs from your friends, family and kids.




8mm, Super 8mm Film --
50 Foot Reels

$9.00 per reel

8mm, Super 8mm Film --
100 to 400 Foot Reels

$0.12 per ft.

Audio Dubbing

$40.00 per hr.


$4.00 each

Additional DVD copy each






Compact C Videotape
to 2 Hr. DVD

$18.00 per hour

plus $3.00 per tape change

8Mm, Digital 8Mm, VHS Videotape to DVD

$18.00 1st hour

Standard Play Mode

$9.00 ea. add’l hour

plus $3.00 per tape change  

VHS Videotape (Long Play Mode) to 2 Hr. DVDs

$27.00 1st 2 hours

$5.00 ea. add’l hour 

plus $3.00 per tape change

Additional DVD Copy Each


Reel to Reel Recordings

$75.00 per hour

Combine 2 Mini DV Tapes
to One Dvd


Up to 4 Mini DVDs to One Disc

$15.00 - $45.00

($15.00 + $10.00 EA.)

Tape Repair - Standard VHS

$15.00 estimate

Other Repair - VHS-C, 8Mm
& Everything else

$30.00 estimate


  • Price includes disc, duplication, custom label and protective case.
  • Tape is transferred from beginning to end. Up to two hours.
  • All tapes returned to customer with completed order.
  • DVDs are recorded in the DVD-R format. While the majority of DVD players and computers will play DVD-R, some older units may not. Please check for compatibility.


Costs of transfer services can be estimated upon examination of media.

Additional charges may apply for non-standard formats.





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