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FotoTechnika's giclées (zhee-CLAYS) are inkjet prints on specially treated canvas or fine art (watercolor) paper. Our Fine Art and Photo Giclées are printed on Canon wide format inkjet printers, using specially formulated pigmented inks. The term giclée is contrived and actually comes from a French word that means to spray, so it is open-ended enough to cover any kind of inkjet print. The printing process for both Fine Art and Photo Giclées are essentially the same. The printmaker makes proofs from the digital file and then either confers with the customer for approval before making the final print, or can make the call for pleasing color, if the customer desires. Either can be printed in sizes up to almost 60 wide and over 8 long (depending on available sizes of media).


Because of the repeatability of digital output, Fine Art and Photo Giclées are excellent for limited editions (even as limited as one only), allowing our customers to print on-demand and in small quantities. Though the initial setup might seem daunting and pricey, the outcome is much more wallet and storage-friendly than having to order 500 (or more) -- not to mention the amazing quality of the product and personalized treatment Brian gives to the art and artist.

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