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Traditional Photo Prints

On Chemically Processed Photo Papers


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When sharing your precious memories with friends and loved ones, why not give prints that will last for generations? Give

them the gift of a tangible print instead of an “invisible” digital file that is easy to “lose” among many files saved across

multiple sources of digital storage.



Pictures play an important role in promoting people, places and products. An email or link to a YouTube is great, but a print is something you can put in the hands of someone when you want to impart a message or idea immediately, without the need to remember to search a digital device later.




Most people have pictures of their grandparents, but how many have the film from which those photos were made? In

the past, film may have been lost or even discarded, while the prints were treasured. Today’s digital images are like

yesterday’s film because they can be lost, but prints endure. The fact is, “digital” is not permanent: a hard drive crash, a

broken cell phone or change in internet providers can result in the loss of precious images. And assuming that current

digital media can be read or retrieved in the future will likely lead to disappointment; image files must be transferred to

new media as it is introduced. Prints, on the other hand, offer a degree of permanence that has stood the test of time.



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